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Cheated Slave: 'I Only Date Men for S.ex but Now Hate them'

I am a 22-year-old woman who is frustrated with dating. I am tired of dating men, only to be cheated on. Lately I date men just for s.ex but I cannot be a s.ex slave forever. I am starting to hate men.

Dear Vivian: In life we attract the things we desire. Once you decide what legacy you want to leave behind, it’s easy to know the type of people you should keep in your life.
Dating Men for S.ex Only 

When choosing a boyfriend or entering into a relationship, make your expectations clear. Also tell him what you are bringing to the relationship.

This will help you understand the purpose of your union.

Be careful of having casual s.ex as you need to avoid contracting HIV, sexually transmitted diseases or even having an unplanned pregnancy. - Daily Sun

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