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Cancer Awareness: Don't Colon Cancer Sneak up on You

Colon cancer is deadly. Chances of survival are low unless it is caught in its early stages.

Statistics by the National Cancer Registry of South Africa show that one in 85 men and one in 144 women could develop colorectal cancer during their lives.

As we are in Colorectal Cancer Awareness month, Allison Martin, CEO of UDoTest, said: “Because there are no definitive guidelines for colorectal cancer screening in South Africa, colonoscopies are either not done or done too often – and may even be unnecessary in some cases.”
Colon Cancer

Now available in South Africa, the UDoColonTest is a non-invasive faecal immunochemical test.

“With our test now available in Mzansi, there should be no reason for people to avoid screening and for lives to be lost.”

Patients who are diagnosed with stage one colorectal cancer have a 74% five-year survival rate compared to 6% for those diagnosed in stage 4. Starting off as small, non-cancerous clumps of cells called polyps, this silent but fatal disease may become cancerous when dangerous polyps are not identified and removed.

The South African Gastroenterology Society encourages people with average risk for colorectal cancer – no personal, family or medical history – to get screened from the age of 50 years and older. - Daily Sun

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