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Sweat Facts: What Your Bad Body Odour Means

Often when our bodies have a bad smell we think of sweat as the main cause - but Jennifer Cromie, research and development director of personal care at Unilever, said sweat has no smell.

She said sweat is not the cause – the smell is caused by bacteria living on your skin.

“When bacteria come into contact with your sweat, they start digesting the sugars it contains and the waste product is what you smell,” she said.

Jennifer said sweat or perspiration is a normal and healthy bodily function. Sweat is released when one engages in any type of movement or even when they eat.
The Meaning of Bad Odour 

Here are her tips for people with bad odour

Wear clothes made from natural fibres and use an anti-perspirant that doesn’t require you to constantly re-apply.

If you suffer from night sweats, drink plenty water during the day, wear lighter clothes when you go to sleep and apply an anti-perspirant before bedtime.

Keep your bedroom well ventilated at night. But if the sweating doesn’t stop, visit a doctor or other medical professionals as unending sweat is a sign that you might suffer from an illness or fever, or have low-blood sugar.

She said on average, men sweat around 40% more than women, although women have more sweat glands. Men also have 18% more sodium in their sweat which makes it saltier than women’s.

She said sweat is made up of 99% water and small amounts of carbohydrates, salt, protein and urea. Kidneys and the liver are responsible for detoxing your body, not the sweat glands.

Women’s bodies evaporate sweat on their skin more efficiently than men’s, and this cools down the body. About 3% of people in the world suffer from excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis. - Daily Sun

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