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Risk Factor: Se_x Workers Condemn Poor Quality Co_ndoms

Thigh peddlers in Masvingo yesterday raised concern over co_ndoms offered for free, saying they are of poor quality thus expose them and their faithful clients to STI diseases.

The hookers who were participating at a two-day Batanai HIV and Aids Service Organisation (BHASO) advocacy workshop which ended yesterday at a local hotel said some of their clients refuse to use certain co_ndoms that are considered to be of low quality. 

This leaves some with no option but to indulge in se_x without protection. The prostitutes also said due to the love of money they are sometimes tempted to have se_x without protection as some clients refuse to use the co_ndoms.

They also said most of them prefer to use male co_ndoms to female ones as the latter were not user-friendly.
Poor Quality Condoms Condemned 

A se_x worker who identified herself only as Queen and operates from Ngundu Growth Point said there is a need to improve the quality of co_ndoms given for free to ensure people’s safety from se_xually transmitted infections (STIs) .

She claimed some co_ndoms which are popularly known as ‘‘MaDembare” are not user-friendly as well.

“We have free co_ndoms given in hospitals and are called MaDembare. We do not want those because our clients do not want to use them. Some men bring their own co_ndoms saying, they do not feel comfortable to use MaDembare because they are of poor quality,” said Queen.

Speaking at the same occasion, BHASO field officer Ms Kumbirai Mahaso said the issue of poor quality co_ndoms has been raised at most advocacy meetings they have held with se_x workers.

She said they would raise the issue with policy makers.

“We are going to take those grievances to the next level so that they can be addressed. We have heard these complaints from se_x workers and we have offered to have it addressed by the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

“The co_ndoms given for free are the ones problematic as they say they scare away their clients with others saying they risk contracting or transmitting the HIV virus,” said Ms Mahaso. - The Chronicle

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