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Obesity Outrage: Overweight and Fertility Problems

Most of us know that, as a nation, we rate among the fattest people in the world but we still continue to add on weight – especially children.

While exercising is hard and it takes up a lot of time, being obese is dangerous and often leads to deadly diseases.

Dr Marion Morkel, Sanlam medical officer, said 42 million children worldwide under the age of five are obese with a quarter of them living in Africa.

“Parents need to take urgent action regarding their children’s’ lives and health,” Morkel said. She said the Department of Health was working to hard to end childhood obesity in South Africa.

Marion warned parents that they should not wait for children to “outgrow” their overweight bodies.

“In fact, the younger children are, the more harmful the extra weight is. Childhood obesity causes lots of damage that will only be felt later on during their lives,” she said.
Threats by age created by obesity

Childhood (zero to 12 years): The biggest challenge for obese children is lack of movement. Also, certain fine motor skills are lost when not developed at an early age.

Obese children also tend to experience physical, psychological and social problems, which may cause mood and attention disorders – especially if they are bullied – but the biggest concern is the increase in type 2 diabetes.

Adolescence (13 to 21 years): At this very sensitive stage of life, mood disorders among obese teens increase considerably. Overweight teens face a possible early onset of puberty.

If their inactivity continues, health problems created during childhood may start affecting them during these years. They may withdraw as a result of non-acceptance by their peers. Self-esteem issues may happen.

Adulthood (22 to 40 years): There is a significant incidence of type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle diseases among people in this age group. Obesity is also linked to fertility problems in both men and women.

Middle age (41 to 60 years): “At this stage, complications linked to obesity-related diseases flare up and with health issues they really start suffering because of being overweight.

From (61 years and older): The biggest problem for obese older adults is mobility. Their quality of life deteriorates and recovery from minor strokes or mild heart attacks is difficult, given the added complication of excess weight. - Daily Sun 

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