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Women Secret: Manhood Size Really Matters, Very Much

This is a piece for the ladies - men its time to stop reading here - the sports section is just a few pages ahead, this week we are discussing some in_timate bedroom issues….does size matter to you?

A recent article in the journal of Se_xual Medicine confirms the suspicions of both men and women - that si_ze really matters. 

The detailed study interviewed over 300 women in the UK and found that they were more likely to experience pleasure in the be_droom from those with a larger en_dowment. 

So what counts as large? 'Average' is defined as around 15cm, roughly the length of a $10 bill, so in the theory large is anything bigger than this.
Women Speak: Size Really Matters 

Women say larger is preferable and leads to greater enjoyment between the sheets. But there must be an upper limit on this pleasure, but the researchers didn’t ask how big is too big. 

This is generally a matter of taste; different women have different preferences and their own measures of perfect size. 

This is good news for African men because various studies have suggested this is the best en_dowed continent. While America has the largest GDP in the world, the country comes 96th out of the 116 countries when it comes to manhood. 

Zimbabwe comes 33rd place, the highest position in southern Africa, while first place is taken by Congo. If you’re wondering, the title of the smallest country in the world is taken by South Korea. 

Of course we must not take this as the only factor that matters in the bedroom. Being a superstar between the sheets is about being more than what’s in your pa_nts. 

And it’s certainly not enough to get the ladies therein the first place. We hope the final reveal happens away from prying eyes behind closed doors. A man must rely on his other attributes to attract someone to the bedroom. 

Other studies from the US have shown that many factors make women attracted to a man including facial attractiveness, kind eyes and personality.

All women have something that makes them go weak at the knees, be it a particular cologne, a good sense of humor, or the right dance moves. And surely si_ze matters more to more experienced women – when we’ve only been with one man we have nothing to compare the experience with. 

But once we get into the be_droom many of us would surely agree that the old adage still applies – it’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it. I am wondering…do Bulawayo women agree? 

The research only asked women in the UK, and we know that tastes change from place to place. Maybe Bulawayo has a different definition of what counts as 'large' this side.

And do you prefer a larger man? Is size the most important factor? What are the other important qualities in a man? - B metro

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