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'Death Drink': What Happens to You After a Soda Drink

It is a well established fact that drinking sugary carbonated drinks is not good for you - the high sugar content, caffeine and various added chemicals all contribute to the adverse effects these beverages have on your body. 

The body reacts strongly when exposed to the ingredients of an average soda drink.

This is what happens within an hour of drinking a can of soda:

Within 20 minutes, you get a sugar high. Your blood sugar spikes, resulting in a quick release of the hormone insulin. The liver tries to compensate by turning excessive sugar into fat and storing it around the body.
The Effects of Soda to Your Body 

Within 40 minutes, all the caffeine is absorbed and your body responds to this substance: the pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, and the liver dumps even more sugar into the bloodstream.

Around 45 minutes after you have had your drink, the body increases dopamine production, which gives the person an imminent sensation of pleasure – this is similar to the way the body responds to heroin.

After 60 minutes, you develop a sugar crash. You can experience fatigue, change in mood, lethargy, mental fogginess. A can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, which amounts to 100% of your recommended daily intake. 

The extreme sweetness is masked by phosphoric acid, which prevents the body from developing an immediate reaction to the glucose overload. 

Some studies have linked phosphoric acid toosteoporosis, chronic kidney disease, kidney stones and many other health issues.

Diet versions of soda drinks have a similar effect on the body. In addition, you are also consuming artificial sweeteners, which have been dubbed ‘the silent killers’ and can make you sick and diabetic. - Online Sources 

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