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S Shape: How to Spot a Fake, Lifted B.utt and Myths

So many women all over the world (in some countries it is more common), females pay to get a bigger b.utt.

Not pay for the gym membership, they pay for surgery.

What is bugging is a females who claim that 'squats' made her bu.tt bigger or “Nah, this is real, I have done bu.tt exercises.”

Well, first of all, butt lift is “Natural” it is fat transfer from your stomach/back or thighs and into your hips and bu.tt, so the fat is natural.

I also can say, yes it is not someones business if a female/male want to have surgery - and you don’t need to say anything to anyone if they ask “Have you done a bu.tt job?”
Kim Kardashian's Butt is an Ongoing Debate 

Girls who fall for this lies,who really believe that some woman have train their butts like that,well then you should have done your research.and also don’t be that naive and take responsibility.

But I also want to say that, some fake butts are hard to spot,especially if they don’t have too much fat transfer to her behind,plus the doctor often check his client what will suit her best.

For some woman, they want to sculpt their behinds a lot more different than they had before
to give them the S shape, which mean smaller waist (take fat from back and love handles). 

Bigger hip and butt (from behind her hips and butt look round, like two footballs). Many of my female readers think this look is how a woman should look like. 

And the reason for that is because they think it is wrong to have butt and hip dents and they are trying to fix this problem by working out with weights.

Myth of butt enlargement 

Myth-1: All big butts are fake 
False: Some have naturally big butts,and you can try to spot one if it is fake or not by looking from behind.

Myth-2: If someone have a small but round butt, it is real

False: There are a lot of woman who have flat butts who just want to get a small effect from bu.tt lift or implants just like breasts, some want big and some want small.

Myth-3: That woman must have worked for her big butt because I see her training or live at the gym

False: Many people train their chest even if they have breast implants. 

Myth-4: If a woman have developed hamstrings muscles and also thigh muscles and she have a big butt,that much be real

False: Many females who working out does not do it properly or don’t want to wait until their glutes gets bigger - or have a hard time to gain glute muscles. 

How to spot a fake butt
Check: If her bu.tt and hips are too round from the back and front like Kim Kardashian (not necessary that wide or big) then she might have a fake bu.tt and hips.

Check: If her bu.tt moves 'slowly' or it seem like it has “too much stuff in” feeling - then she might have a fake one.

Check: If her behind still look perky in every angle, when she bend over, squeezing her b.utt (dent would show up) because most often, a natural one does not look perky in every angle, when she bend over etc

Check: Does she have a flat belly (less fat) with a big juicy butt, then check for marks on her belly, hips, legs etc where they sucked out the fat (this can be hard though). - Online Sources 

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