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Initiation Horror: 'My Manhood Does has no Polo Neck'

Lefu aged 26 was shocked when he was told he was not circumcised properly and needed to undergo the process again - this happened after people from a local initiation school allegedly kidnapped him. 

He was allegedly assaulted and called a liar who had not gone to an initiation school.

The 26-year-old from Stinkwater, north of Tshwane said his nightmare started when the cattle he was looking after ran into the initiation school premises.

When he got to the school he sang praise songs that are sung by former initiates.
Man Shocked at his Manhood 

“They are sung to prove one has been circumcised, but I was shocked when one of the caretakers demanded to see my 4-5.

“I told him I went to an initiation school in Lesotho when I was 16 years old, but he did not want to listen to reason,” Lefu claimed. “They slapped me and tore off my clothes, demanding to see whether or not my 4-5 was circumcised.

“They checked and said it was not circumcised properly. They told me I had to undergo the process again. They hit me with a stick until I lost consciousness,” claimed Lefu.

He said he woke up hours later, covered in blood. Lefu’s friend, Karabo (24), said he was called to the initiation school by one of the “teachers”.

“They asked me if he had gone to initiation school and I said yes. But they chased me out of the school, saying I was trying to cover up for him.”

Temba police spokeswoman Captain Sarah Lesabane said a case of assault had been opened for further investigation. “No one has been arrested yet.” - Daily Sun 

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