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Health Tips: The Right Way to Clean Your Ears

When the ears do not present any kind of health problem can be cleaned in a natural way, although there are occasions when you may have an increased ear wax that could block or clog the ear causing trouble such as abnormal sounds, which do not allow you to feel good.

For this reason it is necessary that the hygiene of ears to extract the excess of wax product. Find out if you have ear wax by following symptom:

Pain and hearing loss, buzzing and whistling in the ear - and itching and discharge with bad smell

Homemade remedies to clean the ears
Fortunately we have a wide range of homemade natural remedies that are very effective if there is a need to remove excess ear wax that is plugging the ear.
The Right Way to Clean Your Ears 

The most used are the following:

Massage to soften ear wax plugs
To soften the plug of ear wax that blocks the ear canal is necessary to massage the back of the ear, then pull it in different directions opening and closing the mouth at the same time.

Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide is recommended just to take away the pain as to help eliminate the excessive accumulation of earwax that can block the ear .

The procedure is as follows:

Pour half a cup of warm water in a bowl, add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and filled an eyedropper. Use this preparation to fill the affected ear, let it work for three to five minutes.

Then it turns so that the liquid bait and rinse the ear with the same procedure, but this time only with warm water. You can also use baby oil instead of hydrogen peroxide.

Olive oil
In this case it follows the same procedure explained above, but using lukewarm olive oil. Let sit for five minutes and repeat three times a day for three or four days.

Hot water bottle
To accomplish this simple, but effective homemade remedy, you just have to take a bottle and fill it with hot water. In this way it takes, the bottle (hot / warm) and is put directly on the ear for fifteen or thirty minutes.

Then you will notice that the wax will be softer and easier to clean.

Ear irrigation
You can easily find the particular syringes to realize a washing of the ears, to be carried out with warm water, at body temperature. After making the affected ear irrigation, dry thoroughly.

Camomile tea to wash the ear
For this remedy, you need to use two tablespoons of chamomile flowers and a glass of water. Then prepare the brew and let it rest until it is lukewarm. Later strain it.

Before you apply it, you put three drops of oil into the ear and let stand for five minutes. Then rinse the ear with the infusion you just prepared, using a dropper or a special syringe.

If the problem persists, consult a specialist to ensure that proceeds with a more specific ear wash.

Precautions to clean the ears
When you try to clean the ears, never try to clean them by using foreign objects. The cotton buds are completely contraindicated for this purpose since it can make the problem worse by pushing more of the ear wax plug.

If you have a perforated eardrum, never attempt to clean the ear wax by using homemade remedies or washing with hydrogen peroxide drops because it could cause serious damage to the ears.

To clean the ears should not use pressure sprinklers because of the risk of perforating the eardrum. In addition, you should keep in mind that the washing of the ears should not be made too frequently because it can get to the infection.

None of the homemade remedies that we presented never should be used for children under the age of 12 because you run the risk of causing more serious problems, since children are much more sensitive.

If you suspect they have a plug of ear wax, it is best to consult a doctor. - Online Sources 

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