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Health Benefits: 8 Practical Uses of Banana Peel

Banana is surely one of the most consumed fruits in the world - its high content of phosphorus and its tasty flavor make it ideal for every diet.

However, do you know that even the banana peel can be useful?

If you usually throw the banana peel in the garbage, maybe you should reconsider trying this. Just as the case with other fruits, the banana peel is rich in vitamin C and fiber.

In fact, the increased amount of fiber from banana itself is not found in the pulp, but in the peel.

Below you will find the best uses of banana peel.
Banana Peels Have Many Health Benefits 

It acts against constipation
Of course we know that a high consumption of fiber facilitates bowel movements. However, sometimes the daily habits and pace of life does not allow you to follow a balanced diet.

For this reason, it is not uncommon to suffer from constipation. Fortunately, the banana peel is a very effective remedy in this regard. Containing a large dose of dietary fiber, it will force the stomach to work properly. All this in a simple and very cheap way.

Following the fact that we are not accustomed to eat the banana peel, doing it can be a bit difficult, mainly cause of its taste. For easier consumption, you can prepare a banana smoothie in which you can add a piece of banana peel.

It reduces LDL cholesterol and blood pressure
We already know that the LDL or bad cholesterol affects our veins and arteries. For this reason, a low-salt diet and rich in phosphorus is ideal to keep it under control.

Many people opt for bananas in order to improve or control their cholesterol. However, do you know that most of phosphorus content in the banana lies in the peel?

The phosphorus content in the banana peel significantly reduces blood pressure levels. With a piece of banana peel in your diet you can say goodbye to high blood pressure.

Eliminates the headache
The banana peel is able to eliminate headache. Simply apply a banana peel on the affected area and within minutes you will be more relaxed. Within 20 minutes, the pain will be gone completely.

This remedy is great because it allows you to not have to resort to medication that after a period of time can loose effect.

Improves mood
Surely you have heard that the banana is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that improves our mood. Tryptophan as a chemical element promotes the production of serotonin.

When this hormone is produced at optimum levels, it helps us to feel happier and enthusiastic. Conversely, when it is not produced in the correct amount, it is possible to fall into depressive states.

Try, by take the banana peel, which contains higher amounts of the same chemical elements also present in the pulp.

Eliminates pimple
You got up in the morning, looked in the mirror and you noticed an annoying pimple? Do you want a quick fix? Take a piece of banana skin and rub it directly on the pimple that bothers you.

The ideal is to carry out this procedure in the evening. This way, the chemical elements of the peel will have the time to act, eliminating the pimple.

Leave your furniture home as new
The wooden furniture is difficult to clean. Sometimes we believe that the only option is to resort to chemicals, but in this way we do not respect the environment. Say goodbye to these concerns with the banana peel. Just rub the peel on the furniture that you want to shine.

Afterwards, clean the residue with a damp cotton cloth. It is important that this cloth is not wet and that is free of any type of chemical product.

Shiny shoes
The same effect that the banana peel can do for the wooden furniture can do with shoes as well. The process is exactly the same: you take a piece of banana peel and rub directly on the shoe. Even if the shoes are a bit battered, you can make them look better.

This is due to the natural oils of the banana peel. You must also be sure to wipe with a damp cloth or dry cloth to remove any residue.

Natural repellent
You have aphids or plant lice problems in your garden? Before resorting to chemicals that can be harmful to plants, try the banana peel. This acts as a natural repellent against these insects.

You’ll only need to cut the peel into small pieces and put it under the ground of plants with the problem; in a few days, aphids will disappear altogether. - Online Sources 

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