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Winter Warmer: How to Stay Healthy in Cold Weather

Most people pause their health and fitness activities in winter because it is so cold - and many prefer to be covered in blankets rather than sweat - or heating up carbs rather than burning calories.

Ivana Buchanan, group training specialist of Zone Fitness said that people have to combat this slacking and prevent post-winter aftershock.

“The first step in being healthy starts with a good, balanced diet. But if you find yourself with an excessive craving for carbs and fatty food during the winter months, don’t be alarmed.  
Water Helps Detoxification and Transporting of Nutrients 

"Many of us have had to deal with that extra little layer of fat around our bellies come September,” she said.

Craving carbohydrates like pastas and pastries is normal during winter, but she said people could also satisfy their cravings in a healthy way.

“The second step is to continue exercising, even when you don’t feel like it,” said Ivana.

Here are five things you can do to remain healthy and fit during winter:
  • When deciding to carb it up, rather choose the healthier option and try some low-carb chocolate zucchini brownies
  • Don’t neglect your water intake. It helps with detoxifying our bodies and transporting nutrients and oxygen
  • Find a gym that’s convenient for you and not too far from your work or home
  • Change your daily routine. Ivana recommends exercising later in the day. “Exercising in the late afternoon doesn’t just beat getting up early, but it has been proven to combat fatigue and help improve sleeping patterns,” she said. 
  • Get yourself a gym buddy. This will help to encourage and motivate each other to keep going. - Daily Sun 

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