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Quality Check: How Men Kill their Sp.erm?

When there are problems with conception, there is 50/50 possibility the problem to come from the man or women - when the men are in question, often the low quality spe.rm is known to cause trouble.

From obesity to smoking and drinking, here’s how man can kill or reduce the quality of their sp.erm. 

Here are some ways men affect the quality of their sp.erm. 
Being Overweight Can Affect Your Sp.erm 

Mobile in the front pants pocket
A recent study found a decline of 9 percent in sperm quality as a result from radiation of the mobile phone placed close to the tes.ticles.

It has been proven that smoking has a negative effect on sp.erm. The sooner man stops smoking, the sooner you will start with the regeneration of sperm.

Being overweight reduces the production of sp.erm, possibly because fat produces estrogen. Also overweight man are more prone to erectile dysfunction.

Spending time in warm places
Semen can be 'fried' from too long sitting in the hot whirlpool or sauna. Of course this can happen if this happens often. Male te.stes can not function normally if they are not a few degrees colder than the rest of the body.

Consuming lot of alcohol

Men who drink a lot, are overall less healthy than others, so of course this applies to the quality of spe.rm. We’re talking about constant and excessive alcohol consumption. - Online Sources 

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