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Medical Puzzle: 'My Pe.nis is Shrinking Everyday'

A terrified man is afraid of losing his most precious body part - his male organ used to be an anaconda but now it’s small like a finger. 

This is the cry of a 47-year-old man from New Brighton in Port Elizabeth, who said his small pe.nis can’t perform anymore.

The man, who was too embarrassed to be named said, “I was born with a medium male organ and the women I dated were satisfied with my performance.
'My Pe.nis is Shrinking' 

“My problems started in 2010 while I was watching the Soccer World Cup on a big screen in the CBD. I went to the toilet to pee with Nigerian guys and saw their organs were like anacondas.

“They laughed at my 4-5 and I was embarrassed. That same year I consulted a traditional healer and he gave me a green cream for R200 to enlarge my p.enis.

“Within a week it was bigger and I was happy with it but it started becoming smaller again in 2012.

“I went back to the sangoma and he gave me a white cream for R300. It was big again in July but by November it started getting smaller.”

With tears rolling down his cheeks, the man said he went to another healer in Korsten and got a new cream but it made his organs shrink.

“The more I had s.ex, the smaller it became. I have tried going to many other healers but it just won’t grow. It now looks like the p.enis of a small boy. “I stopped having se.x in October because I’m a laughing stock to women. I really don’t know what to do now.”

He said he’d dated more than 25 women since 2010 but it was difficult for him to have se.x with the last eight. - Daily Sun 

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