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Fact or Theory: 6 Most Useless Body Organs

Science is a body of knowledge. It has an unending search for truth and many theories are being formulated through scientific studies like those in human body that somehow makes us think deeper how science can actually interfere to the Creator’s perfect creations.

Studies have been made that there are several parts of human body that have lost all or most of their original function. And it has been said that this is the product of human evolution. 

They are in other words referred to as the ‘vestigial organs’. These organs may retain lesser functions or develop a minor new ones or in some cases, may had an unrecognized function.

This muscular tube attached to the large intestine helps in the digestion especially during those primitive days where human diet were largely made up of plants. 
Male Nipples Function is Still Undetermined 

It also produces white blood cells. Since human diet goes with today’s trend, this chamber becomes dormant and at times causes a problem like appendicitis, an inflammation of an appendix.

The coccyx, also called a tailbone is located at the end of the spine. It has lost its original function in assisting balance and mobility, though it still serves some secondary functions, such as being an attachment point for muscles, which explains why it has not degraded further. 

But in some cases, a tail approximately twelve centimeters long was able to be surgically removed, and the individuals have resumed normal lives.

Paranasal Sinuses
Your sinuses are the pockets of air that reside inside your face. There has no biological role or actual purpose of sinuses been clearly recognized. One thing everyone can agree on is that things can get worse when your sinuses get infected and inflamated. 

It can even lead to cancer. However, some believe paranasal sinuses serves a few possible functions like increase resonance of our voice, regulate pressure, lighten the weight in the front of our skull etc.

Tonsils are technically lymph nodes. A part of the lymphatic system, which is vital to your immunity. Tonsils serves as a protection to the throat from inhaling foreign pathogens and against indigestion. 

However, they prove to be more dangerous than beneficial since tonsils are very much prone to infections that may lead to a host of problems and sometimes surgical removal is required but still survived.

Erector pili muscles
Erector pili, or arrector pili muscles are tiny muscles that are attached to our hair follicles via smooth muscle fibers commonly referred to as goose bumps. When these muscles contracts they causes hair to stand up which you cannot consciously controlled. 

Experts says that by the time these contractions are taking place, the ejected hair helps trap and retain hot air inside our body. But since human body has relatively very less hair to allow thermal insulation, these findings goes under various arguments.

Male nipples
The biological function of male nipples still undetermined. It is said that nipples become evident in fetus even before the gender is being determined. On its 6th week, the male hormones such as testosterone start to take shape and male nipples stop to further develop. 

Though functionless, male nipples are delicate and can develop breast cancer. - Online Sources 

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