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Celebrity Challenge: How Zahara Got Her New, Slim Body

A few months ago Zahara embarked on a gruelling fitness journey, which has seen her shed all those unwanted kilos leaving her with a renewed view on life.

Speaking to TMG Entertainment about what inspired the fitness journey, Zahara explained that she just did not like what she saw in the mirror.

"I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, 'girl you are not even 30 yet and you are wearing Spanx under your dresses,'" Zahara said.
Zahara During a Workout 

The singer added that she also felt depressed and uninspired about a lot of things in her life at the time.

"I was just depressed and uninspired at the time." Zahara embarked on a mission to live her best life in December last year and has often given fans a glimpse into her gruelling work out routine.

Now six months later Zahara has dropped the excessive weight and looks happier than ever. Commenting on how incredibly she looks, Zahara couldn't help but blush, saying that she feels even better.

"I'm full of energy and am more inspired about life now than I've ever been."

And a part from getting ready to walk down the aisle soon - Zahara's new found passion for life will see her launch her own fashion label called Zahara Army in the coming months. - Online Sources 

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