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Major selling drugs for pharmaceuticals

Americans spent a whooping $307 billion on prescription drugs alone in 2010. It is not a surprise or coincident that generic drugs are not the ones bringing in mega business for large pharmaceutical companies. 

Drugs on which most money is spent are those that are still new enough to be protected against common competition. The most popular medications range from asthmatic, blood thinner, cholesterol and diabetic drugs. 

1.    Lipitor – a cholesterol-lowering statin drug, a total of $7.2 billion
  1. Nexium – an antacid drug, nearly $6.3 billion
  2. Plavix – a blood thinner, costing $6.1 billion
  3. Advair Diskus – an asthma inhaler totalling a massive $4.7 billion
  4. Abilify – an antipsychotic drug which cost $4.6 billion
  5. Seroquel – an antipsychotic drug: $4.4 billion
  6. Singulair – an oral asthma drug estimated at $4.1 billion
  7. Crestor – a cholesterol-lowering statin drug with a total value of $3.8 billion
  8. Actos – a diabetes drug with a market value of $3.5 billion
  9. Epogen – a injectable anemia drug which is believed to have chewed $3.3 billion

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